4 Simple Steps

Prep and chop the ingredients

Cook the ingredients for less than 30 minutes

Add the Falavory spice mix

Enjoy your delicious meal!

All the Flavor You Need... Every Time

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Dad's Hamburger Soup

Get that delicious, hearty beef & tomato broth we all love. Easy to make and so satisfying to taste, this soup is big on flavor. Perfect for putting a healthy spin on a quick meal, one packet is enough to transform dinner time into a rich and meaty meal that gets the whole family eating together. 

Harvest Squash Soup (pureed)

Fresh and full of earthy flavor, this simple Harvest Squash seasoning allows you to effortlessly create your own smooth and creamy soup that’s certain to be a hit with all your friends & family. Wonderfully aromatic and with a glossy finish, it will look just as good as it smells, and taste even better!

As with all Falavory Blends this soup is backed by our 100% Flavor Guarantee 


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