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Hi there, welcome to our site! We’re a unique company that is really proud to bring restaurant-quality herb & spice blends to your kitchen.

            We’ve been operating for a year now, and we’re really excited to continue our business into our second year. We feel really passionate about bringing good, honest, and delicious food to your kitchen, and it’s an honor to say that we’re going to be doing just that for the foreseeable future.

            In the spirit of growth and deliciousness, we’re excited to announce that we’ve got a few new blends in the works and will soon be ready for purchase on our site. The winter’s rapidly approaching, which means that in no time at all there will be nothing better for you than a nice, hot bowl of soup with some crusty bread.

            We’ve got seven blends of spices in total, and we’re really excited about them all. Personally, I’m really excited about the loaded potato blend!

            There’s something so wonderful about a rich, thick, potatoey soup, and we can’t wait to help more people have amazing potato soup all winter long. The rich, creamy, and cheesy ingredients will blend really well with our delightful garden herbs and spices. With 100% real cheddar in our spice pack, you can tell that we do appreciate the importance of high-quality ingredients. The only things you need to bring to the table are a bowl and a spoon! Trust us, you’ll want to bring a big bowl.

            As well as the loaded potato seasoning, we’ve got six other delicious spice blends that we’re excited to talk about and hip across Canada! Namely, the blends are:

  • Creamy Seafood Chowder
    • A rich, creamy, and delightful blend that’s crying out for some fresh seafood of choice. Our blend is customizable for your desired thickness, as well as working brilliantly with any seafood that you like.
  • Homestyle Beef
    • A decadent, sumptuous blend which is sure to entice people to try this beef soup thanks to its delightful aromatics and gorgeous taste. My husband and his friends love their venison with this blend.
  • Homestyle Chicken
    • This is a really great blend, which reminds everyone here about the chicken soup that we always used to eat at Grandma’s when we were under the weather. Feeling a little sick, this chicken soup blend is sure to have you right as rain in no time! Anyone could make this their go to chicken soup....the day after rotisserie works great!
  • Mediterranean Chicken
    • A unique spin on a much-loved classic, this spice blend is sure to become a fast favorite. The exotic smells that this blend conjures up will definitely draw people to your kitchen table.
  • Soo Cheesy Broccoli
    • If you’ll forgive this unprofessionalism: we love broccoli so much! It’s one of our favorite veggies, and we love to showcase it with great spice blends like this one. This sumptuous blend will satisfy your craving for the classic broccoli and cheese pairing.
  • Vegetable Tagine
    • This is a great choice for a deliciously earthy and rich vegetarian soup, which is sure to set your tongue alight with distinct herbs and spices, that are sure to wow your taste buds. give this blend a go! Chicken is a great addition to this soup as well if you are not a Vegetarian with these options you get the best of both worlds.

            We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have our wonderful customers who have supported us every step of the way. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the supportive feedback from your Falavory Experiences that you’ve offered us along the way.

We’re a new, and admittedly small, business, so we really do feel the support of every single one of you! Whether you’ve been supporting us since day one, or you only learned about us yesterday, we want to say thank you for being there to help and watch us grow over the last year. We’re really excited to keep making delicious products, and we hope you’re excited to taste them!

Thanks so much!



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Connie Orser

Great descriptions of the different soups! Great blog, Ms. Courtney.

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