The Falavory Way

Welcome to my Falavory story,

I’m a mom of three and when it came time to cook dinner for my family, I always felt rushed, like I wasn’t preparing healthy and flavorful homemade meals I could be proud to serve.

I definitely knew I was not alone, everyone nowadays has such fast-paced lives it doesn't allow them the time to be creative with meals. I began experimenting with ideas of how I could solve the problem. “soup”, I thought to myself. Who Doesn't love soup? I decided to make an all-in-one, everything-you-need herb and spice soup seasoning blend to add to your fresh produce and choice of proteins. A concept that would provide a full flavor easy to prepare meal. Spending many hours on the proof of concept while receiving lots of supported feedback I pushed forward.

In collaboration with professional chefs the first 6 blends became our standard line of Falavory "Fresh By You" soup blends. Providing consistent gourmet meals in 25 minutes or less, using our "4 Easy Steps" is our passion. By only using the highest quality ingredients in all our products we ensure our promise in offering a 100% flavor guarantee. You can be confident you'll have all the flavor you need in one packet to make an amazing homemade meal, that is sure to bring your family back to the dinner table.

See for yourself. Try Falavory today!

Thank you so much for your support and welcome to our Falavory family!