4 Simple Steps

Prep and chop the ingredients

Cook the ingredients for less than 30 minutes

Add the Falavory spice mix

Enjoy your delicious meal!

All the Flavor You Need... Every Time

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Fresh Soups "made by you... Flavored by us

Falavory Handcrafted Top 6 Variety Pack Soup Seasoning Blends | 6 x 40g - 50g packets | Vegetable Tagine / Dads Hamburger / Creamy Seafood / Homestyle Beef & Chicken / Loaded Potato

  • HEALTHY & FLAVORFUL – Combining our soup blend seasonings with you own fresh local produce results in gourmet flavorful meals that are not only tasty but a healthy meal choice.
  • 4 EASY STEPS - CHOP / SAUTE / SEASON / STIR. Prepare a perfect, nutrition filled meal in 30 minutes or less. Stove Top, Slow Cooker or Instant Pot Friendly.
  • TOP 6 VARIETY PACK– Our Top 6 package includes our best-selling seasoning combinations. Bring the family back to the table by using these unique spice blends to create scrumptious classic soups.
  • CHEF QUALITY - Gourmet quality soup seasoning blends to be added to your locally sourced produce to make Homemade Soup the whole family will love. Our Blends, Your Soup, You Be The Chef!
  • HANDCRAFTED – Each soup blend is handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients to maintain a high standard in every seasoning package.



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